Min Lilla Viking Lamp


The "Min Lilla Viking" (My Little Viking) table lamp pays homage to old Scandinavian warrior helmets. It echoes the shape and style with a contemporary twist.

The metallic armor and bone have been replaced by marble and polished brass, giving this barbaric symbol an elegant touch.

When lit, Carrara and Afyon marble surprises the spectator by revealing the rich natural texture of the stone which resembles a planet.

The "Min Lilla Viking" comes in two versions with different marbles. 

In the second version of "Min Lilla Viking", Carrara marble is used as an alternative to the less textured Afyon marble. The veins are more intense in this version. It therefore has a darker hue when lit and has a more dramatic effect. The bottom plate of the lamp is concave towards the edges, allowing the user to store smaller items such as jewelry.

Antique bronze, copper and silver versions can be ordered upon request. Please enquire here for availability, custom requests and shipping estimates.


19" (49cm) H x 10" (25cm) Diameter (Helmet) x 8" (20cm) Diameter (Base)


Version 1: Afyon Marble and Polished Brass

Version 2: Carrara marble and Polished Brass


Some lamps are in stock (otherwise approx 4 weeks). 

Please contact us here for availability and shipping estimates.

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