Founded in 2016 by Paul Davidge, NOT SO GENERAL is a gallery and showroom for contemporary furniture and design. Featuring emerging and established global designers, NSG is proud to represent such an array of talent, many of whom are making their debut in Los Angeles.

Formed with the idea that good design is where innovation meets function, NSG uses a neutral setting to showcase each collection, allowing the work to breathe and highlight both the aesthetic beauty as well as the obvious functionality. The curation of both the designers and their individual pieces was very specific, with the focus on ensuring that works that compliment each other could be paired together without overshadowing one another.

Many of the designers are deliberately multi-disciplinary, affording clients the option of flexibility and customization of individual pieces. In addition, site-specific installation requests are welcome and each designer has the ability to conceptualize work for commercial, residential and retail spaces, often in conjunction with the NSG Design Studio

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Born and raised in London, UK, Paul Davidge gave up life as a finance attorney to move to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a career working on the business side of film and entertainment.  During the past ten years, Davidge has worked in senior executive positions in finance, media and entertainment, helping to bring major feature films to market in addition to overseeing operations in multiple companies.      

Nevertheless, Davidge's passion has always been art and design, in part due to having grown up surrounded by both, a legacy of having parents and grandparents that worked entire careers at Christie's Auction House. Opportunities to develop and remodel a number of properties in Los Angeles over the years fed this passion. 

However, a love for contemporary design meant that Davidge had to find resources outside of a Los Angeles market place which tended to focus more on Mid-Century Modern era design. An intense focus on finding the best in global design led to him forging relationships with talented designers in Brooklyn and NY as well as in design capitals in Europe such as London, Milan and Amsterdam where he found innovation and cutting edge technical exploration was actively encouraged.

Seeing the extraordinary growth of Los Angeles into a creative and cultural center in the last few years, and its development into an increasingly cosmopolitan city, Davidge saw an opportunity for a design space that had the feel of a gallery and which showcased the zenith in design. The perfect space became available in West Hollywood (a former 'not so general" store) and in a nod to the previous incarnation, he opened up NOT SO GENERAL in late 2016.

Many of the designers with whom Davidge has partnered were looking for the right arena for their collections in LA and Davidge is fortunate that NSG will serve as the first and only home for so many of them in the city. 


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