Founded by Dmitry Vorontsov and designer / architect Harry Nuriev, Crosby Studios is a New York and Moscow based interiors and furniture design studio. 

Designed by Nuriev, the studio's first collection of signature objects (Collection I) was launched in 2016 at Sight Unseen Offsite (SUO) and they followed it up with a hugely successful sophomore appearance at SUO 2017. 

Under the simple moniker, Collection II, Nuriev presented a free-standing library bookcase, armchair and chandelier constructed mostly of steel. To achieve the beautiful pink sheen, Nuriev and his team hand paint the steel which gives each piece a 

When working on the collection, Nuriev strived to maintain the continuity of his already established style built upon the ”aesthetic healing” concept. It is based on Nuriev's conviction that the form of the environment directly affects a person’s self-perception: in his opinion, by looking at classical refined forms one can find harmony and healing.

In Collection 2, he focused on minimalism, the idea of which goes through all of his architectural projects. The architect found inspiration in the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia (Palestrina), the Egyptian Temple of Hatshepsut and the shapes used by Russian suprematists.




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