Edizione Limitata Factory is a Milan-based studio founded in 2014 which is committed to designing innovative new products while maintaining the standards of traditional Italian quality and design. 

Everything is made in Italy and the Edizione Limitata collection is a celebration of material, technique and detail. The founders, Fanciullacci Simone and Antonio de Marco, are stars of the Milan design community, having established sister practice 4P1B in 2008. They have been recognised for their work across Europe including Honorable Mention XXIII ADI Compasso d’Oro – 273 for De Vecchi Milano 1935. They launched ELF in order to make smaller edition pieces and work closely with local artisans to produce custom and made to order pieces.


NOT SO GENERAL carries the following select pieces from Edizione Limitata Factory:

 - Icenine Stool

 - Revolution Mirror

 - Revolution Mirror - Bronze 

Please enquire here or call us at 323-851-2200 to discuss orders and availability.


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