Craving for Crepi Lamp (Yellow) by Lea Mestres


Handmade by artist Léa Mestres in her Paris studio, this unique lamp is part of her exploration of material developed when studying at esteemed Design Academy Eindhoven.

Mestres work marries the worlds of art and design through her process and materials. A talented sketch artist, Mestres' work always originates as pencil drawings which gives the artist the freedom to imagine an unlimited scope of possibilities. Her drawings are incomplete, applying neither scale or color. The material and point of view remains limitless, providing the artist with liberation of the thought and possibilities. It is only once the artist begins her psychical process that the object evolves. Abstract lines, giving merely a hint of a general direction, begin to spawn new interpretations and a more sure form is realized. The new shapes are very specific and can veer in a number of variant directions depending on the artist’s instincts. Through the course of this modeling process, the texture, finish and colors start to bloom and only when the 2D and 3D start to diverge does the functional sculpture start to appear. 

This lamp was formed utilizing this process and its shape informed the rough texture of the plaster and vibrant yellow color used.



Approx 24" L x 20" H x 6" D


Re-enforced Plaster
Acrylic Paint

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