KEAP Candles


KEAP Candles are the brainchild of Brooklyn-based partners Harry Doull and Stephen Tracy. Former Google employees and roommates, the pair's long fascination with candles led them to research the business and how best to overhaul the existing model.

They sought a return to a purer product made with the best materials available at the price it should cost—nothing more, nothing less.

The result is KEAP Candles. Hand-poured in their Brooklyn warehouse, the candles are made from all-natural coconut-based wax and poured into high-end glass tumblers meant to be re-used.

In addition, they have partnered with SolarAid to create a solar revolution: every candle sold supports distribution costs to get the solar lamps to these communities through the KEAP Buy a Candle, Light a Home program.

The coconut wax is sustainably produced (more so than most other waxes which are usually used because they are cheaper), and slow-burning. It comes in big, creamy blocks as seen below. 

Green Market
Hot Springs
Wood Cabin

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